Stats, Colors & Symbols Explained

When the stats go orange or red there is a problem.

    Things to Check for:

 1.  Out of Food or Milk?

 2.  Food not in the cat’s range?

 3.  Are the food or cats the correct version?  Current is 1.42.

Always try this first: Take both kitty and bowls into inventory and re-rez them out.   A quick reconnection to the server will mostly likely get them going again :)

What does ‘that’ mean?


Stats are green when first born,

and will remain green for 9 days,

until after their Love/Desire is

100%.  At age 6 days old, their

Love/Desire will start to build

and that takes 3 days to reach




Stats will turn light blue when

Love/Desire has reached 100%.

She is ready to mate now.


For Females, stats will turn

pink when pregnant.  

Pregnancy lasts 72 hours.

After this, the stats will

go into a cooldown period

of 24 hours and be white once

more.  Then back to green as




For Males, the stats will also turn blue when they are ready to mate.  They will go back to white after he has mated and start the 24 hour cooldown, and then back to green as Love/Desire is rebuilding.