STRAY CATS BREEDABLE MANUAL         - Current Cat Version 1.42

Click on a Cat.  In its shell form it is considered 'unborn'.  In this form, it does not eat or do anything.  It is not yet 'alive'.  

To Bring it to life - Click the kitten and you will get a blue menu in the top right corner of your screen.   Click "Wake Me Up", then "yes" to confirm.


Now that your cat is alive, the menu will be a little different.

About all the Menu buttons:


This option will give you the Stray Cats HUD (current version 1.4).

What can you do with the hud?  The hud is a handy tool which gives you the abilities to affect every cat that you have out on your land at once.

There are setting for their home position, their range, movement off , movement on, sound off, sound on, and also the hovering stats can be changed to different settings, like 'none' or 'need based', 'stats' or 'mini stats'or 'traits', or 'config' and you can tp home all cats at once with the hud as well.

Your first priority - Get FOOD AND MILK


You will be asked for permission to withdraw money from your SL lindens.  "Allow" so that you can right-click and 'pay' the bowl whenever you need to refill.

CAT'S MENU OPTIONS:  Here is a run through on the settings in the menu of each cat.  These say settings are also available on the HUD v1.4.   When using the HUD, your settings will be applied to all your cats.


This is the option to TP home the cat you clicked on to get the menu up.


This option is for if you do not want your cats being in animation playing mode, with this option you can simply put your cat in a pose you like and staying in that pose. (handy for auctions or to just display your cats in your house or in your store)

Once you clicked the pose options those are the poses to choose from

”Curious”, ”Stretch”, ”Groom”, ”Sit”, ”Lounge”, ”On Back”, ”Stand”, ”Play”, ”Sleep”.


Once you clicked the hovertext option you can choose between

               ‘NONE’  (which means no hover text at all)

    ‘STATS’  (which means it will show all stats) -

    - Stats shown above the cats are as follows:

    1st line - Name or description of cat

    2nd line - Version of cat (current version is 1.42)

    3rd line - Owner of cat

    4th line - Age of Cat in days

    5th line - Number of breeding cycles remaining.   There are a total of 15.

    6th line - Food - How full your cat is

    7th line - Stamina (the amount of energy they have left) Below 15% they will need to sleep.

    8th line - Happiness (from milk)

    9th line - Love/Desire, Pregnancy or cooldown from birthing


               ‘MINI STATS’  (which shows only the name of the cat and gender and hungry and stamina and happiness and desire)

               ‘NEED BASED’ (which shows only stamina and desire)

               ‘CONFIG’ (which shows the home the cat is set to and range and and animations on/off movement on/off sounds on/off and if the cat is partnered it will show it’s partners name)

               ‘TRAITS’ (which shows the traits of the cat, pelt name and color, eyes and eye shape and pupil and ears and tail and shape and body)



The settings option is for renaming your cats and setting their home position plus range and to turn sounds on/off and move on/off and animations on/off as well the options for Acc. 1 on and Acc 2 which put on or off any accessories you have gotten for your cat, such as a collar or a hat.  'Birth off' or on does not mean you turn your cat into a not breeding pet.  It simply stops or starts messages from displaying.   

                 ‘RENAME’  - One you clicked rename you will get another window pop up in the right corner of your screen, it will give you a empty window and all you have to do is write the name you want to give the cat in that window and click Submit, or if you don’t want to change the name simply click ignore to close it.

                 ‘SET HOME’ - Once you clicked set home it will set the home of the cat at the point the cat is standing the moment you click set home.

                 ‘SET RANGE’ - When you clicked range a empty window will pop up in the right corner of your screen and all you have to do is write the number you want to set the cat his/her range to like 2 or 10 or 15 or 30 (these are meters), etc and once you have written that number in the empty window just click on 'Submit' and the cat's range is now set.  If you have movement on, it will not roam beyond this limit from it's original home position.

                 ‘BIRTH OFF/ON’ - This option can be turned on or off as you wish, this option does not mean you turn the cat to a non breeding ca.  This simply will turn off or on the messages inworld regarding mating or having a kitten.

                 ‘SOUND ON/OFF’ - This option allows you to turn your cats sounds completely off, so you will no longer hear their purring or meowing.

                 ‘MOVE ON.OFF’ - Movement can be turned on or off on the cats.  Movement means the cat will roam around freely from home set point to the range it is set to, once if you turn it off, it will not move from its position.

                 ‘ANIM ON/OFF’ - Anim stands for animations.  These can be turned on or off, meaning cat will show its animations either when standing still or walking around, like sitting or walking or laying down or licking himself clean etc.  If turned off, they will just stand still and do nothing.

                 ‘ACC.1 ON/OFF ‘ - Acc stands for Accessory, option Acc.1 is to add a hat, cap or any head attachment to the cat.

                 ‘ACC.2 ON/OFF’ -Acc stands for Accessory, option Acc.2 is to add a collar or any neck attachment to your cat.

"MATING" - The mating option is to partner your cat to a specific cat for breeding. Simply click the 'mating' button, then click 'partner'.... available mates of the opposite sex with be highlighted.  You simply choose one by clicking on the chosen mate.


When you click the traits option from the menu the traits of the cat will be posted to you in local chat.


When you click the parents option in the menu, the parents of the cat will be both posted in local chat for you to see.

The parents option is handy for breeders to keep track of the bloodline of the cat from their parental information.  Traits are passed by parents predominately, but there are also random traits.  


The help option will send you to the stray cats breedables website, open up your local chat and all you have to do is click the link showing there which will send you straight away to our website.  

NOTE!!  The current 'help' website is INCORRECT (an older version no longer used).  We are aware of this and it will be corrected in the next update on the cats.   

The Current and Correct website is:   WWW.STRAYCATS-THEGAME.COM

Please look at your convenience as there is a lot of information and pictures on pelts, eyes, ears, etc., and any current information on these cats.


If you click on this, it will give you the option to view a server webpage - click 'Go To Page".  Here you can view information on all your cats, live and unborn.  Here you can also find all the current information and stats on rarities of pelt and colors, eyes, body traits, etc. for all animals currently alive on the grid.

If you click on a cat ID#, it will bring up that cats' history.  You can then click on the parent, individually, and see all the breeding history of that cat.

Here is also where you would assign any attachment, like a collar, that you have purchased to a particular cat.  Click on your "Live Cats" and click "Attach" next to the cat you wish to give the collar, for example.  A dropdown menu will appear at the top of the page and you can select the collar in the list and 'add' it to the cat.

Inworld, remember to turn on the Accessory 2 (for neck collar) to show the item on the cat.  Sometimes you might need to take the cat into inventory and re-rez for it to appear.

    - Health Kits are also applied here.  If your cats' text has turned black due to lack of food, they will need a health kit to make them well again.  After purchasing a kit, it will go onto your server account.   On the list of your live cats, there will be a red box next to any that need a health kit.  Simply click the red box and the health kit will be applied.  It might take a few minutes to show it has been healed inworld.  Now, you can feed as normal.


When you decide you no longer need or want a certain cat, or it has finished breeding, you may choose to 'Destiny' it.  There are two choices of destiny types, and both will award you points.  You can also Destiny shells should you decide you will not use them.  To do this you will need to ‘wake up’ first.  A double-check is in place where you must type 'yes' to continue and finish destinying any cat.

    Home Cat - will give you a certain amount of 'home' points,  based on traits, age, etc.  and with those points you can purchase consumables (food and milk).

    Stray Cat - will also give you 'stray' points with which you can purchase items instead, such as collars, etc.

You can always check the amount of points you have by clicking on 'checkpoints' under the 'Destiny' option.


Each bowl refill places 32.5 units of food in the bowl.  Those 32.5 units are distributed - 30 units remain on the (S)erver, and 2.5 (R)ations go into the bowl.

Each cat eats one unit of food per day.  This applies to both food and to milk.

Food is necessary for your cats to grow and stay healthy.

Milk is necessary as a mood booster if you wish to breed your kitties.  It is necessary for them to have 'happiness' if they are going to gain heat and breed.

RED text above your cats head is an indicator that they cannot eat their food - either the bowls are out of range, or they are empty.   Please reset the range on the cat to a great distance and if they still are not eating, try temporarily putting movement on.  They will go to their food bowls if within range.

BLACK text above your cats head is an indicator that they have gone too long without food inworld.  At this point you will need a health kit to heal them.   Their text will NOT turn black if you keep them in inventory, however it will go red.  When brought out from inventory they will need to eat immediately.

A word about putting cats into inventory:   Yes, your cats will get hungry in inventory but they will NOT die.  When you take them into inventory they will lose any heat they might have, however, if they are pregnant and you need to put in inventory for a reason, when you take them back out, their pregnancy will continue like normal once they have eaten.

Cats in inventory will also lose stamina over time.  When rezzed out again, their stamina will probably be at 0% if it has been some time in your inventory.  They will sleep until their stamina rises.  When it has reached 15% you can wake them up using their menu.  This will allow them to go eat more quickly.


Once your new kitten reaches 6 days old they will begin to grow/raise their heat for breeding.  It takes 72 hours for their heat to reach 100%.  If you have mated it to another cat, and they both have reached 100% heat, the breeding will take place within minutes.   Immediately after mating, the female will show pregnant and her text will turn pink.  The boy cat will enter into a 24 hour cool-down after mating, and his text will be gray.  After this 24 period, he will begin raising his heat once more.  The pregnant female will show a 72 hour countdown until the birth of her new kitten.  Once she has given birth, she too will enter into a 24 hour cool-down period and then begin her 3-day cycle of raising heat once more, until all 15 breedings are finished.  All 15 cycles take approximately 180 days, at the end of which your cat will automatically become a 'purrmanently yours' kitty.  They will then no longer need any food and can remain in your inventory forever.


We are working on better interactions, but still, you can hold your kitty now  or walk with it attached to you.

To hold your cat, simply right-click  'WEAR'.  (remember to 'drop' when finished - detaching will put them back in inventory).  Make sure your cat's animations are Off.....then once worn, and in your arms, you can click the cat, and on their menu, 'set a pose' - try lounge, for example.

To have your kitty walk with you, from inventory, right-click and ‘ATTACH TO AVATAR CENTER’.  Its position  will vary depending on your avatar’s size, height, etc., so right-click, edit and move the cat to the ground wherever you would like it.  DONE!  It will walk with you, with the walking animation, sit when you stop, TP with you all around the SL Universe :)   

Please remember, if you are attaching a kitty that is not a “Purrmanently Yours” yet, they will require food after a short time.  So this attaching is best done with a Purrma-cat.


Should you ever have an issue with your cats, please contact Nicolyti Resident inworld and she will assist you.