The Zodiac Collection … ever expanding

Available  In  store Now ~ 3,000L

The “Leo” Kitty features a collectible designer pelt,  based on the sign’s lion icon. Its governing element is Fire, with its favored tones of golden, oranges and reds.

Features new passing eye, added to our Celestials “Celestial Ruby” (Ruby also Leo’s lucky stone), and a new shade “Solar”, a soft yellow highlighting and glow.  Sure to be just amazing on so many of our pelts.

Celestial Ruby


The “Virgo” Kitty features a collectible designer pelt in a soft, feminine almost watercolor-like florals.  It comes with a new passing Fusion Eye “Fusion Sapphires”, sapphires both yellow  and blue being the birthstone and lucky stones of this sign.  It also features a new shade “Steel”, a cool pale blue/grey tone with a soft light, and very dark, black whiskers.

‘Fusion Sapphires


No Shade

NEW !!!!!! Back Wing-extension in HQ which will have model displays of ALL pelts/ALL breeds.

We are adding as we go… Have a look :-)

Also, newly added- Ceramic Figurines of Shells o.O


Message Nicolyti Resident  if you would like to

display and sell your creations  !

Current Events:

SOS (Spoonful of Sugar) Doctors Without Borders Charity Benefit/Fall Festival - Started September 16th , running through October 1st, 2017.

Stray Cats Shop Location:

You aren’t going to want to miss this event!   The New Faboo Lion is for exclusive sale at this event ONLY!  


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Look for our new AMAZING Birthday Kitty, free to all homes, in November!!!

‘Helping Hands’ Kitties, Louisiana and Texas, are still available at HQ.   Proceeds are being collected to send to animal organizations helping with the care/aid of animals affected by these recent horrible hurricanes.   Each feature a new eye, passable through breeding, and are for a very good cause.  Please lend your support.  Available only through the end of Sept.


No Shade

SOS CHARITY SPECIAL STRAY CATS AUCTION:  September 24th (Sunday) at 1pm SLT   >>>>

 >>> Here -

There will be new color pelts for existing breeds there!!!!  For all you fantastic breeders!