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The Zodiac Collection … ever expanding

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JULY 4TH HOLIDAY LE Design Starts Now!    

Please have your submissions in to Nicolyti Resident by June 20th for public voting through June 25th, 2017!

Winning Design will be remade and released for the July 4th LE period, and the designer will receive an LE!!

Good Luck Everyone!!!  Happy Designing!


Created next to the  main HQ…..

Message Nicolyti Resident  if you would like to

display and sell your creations  !


The “Taurus” Kitty features a collectible designer pelt,  based on the signs’ symbol the bull, and its governing element, earth, with its tones of greens and lavenders, new passing eyes “Dreamin’” and a new shade “Moondust”.   This new shade is a pale moon-blue hue with brighter whiskers, ears and tail.

2017 Easter “Speckles” LE

2017 St. Patrick’s Day - ‘Luck of the Irish”

Moondust Shade (on a Solid white)

Rouge Shade (on a Solid white)

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~Hats, Scarves, Collars, Tiaras, Eye Patches, Caps, Accessories

More being added all the time….

The “Gemini” Kitty features a collectible designer pelt,  based on the signs’ twin/dual nature. Its governing element is Air, with its favored tones of greens, yellows and oranges.  Features new passing eyes “Agate” (also its lucky stone), and a new shade “Rouge”, a soft rose-red hue.


‘Agate’ Eye

‘Dreamin’ Eye

Stray Cats are in the current Home & Garden RFL Spring 2017!!  

Be sure to check out the amazing 9 sims and maybe grab a new Breed-Faboo Dalmation to breed, exclusive new release.

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RFL Auction! - Sat. May 27th @1pmSLT