Need Help? Please contact GM, Nicolyti Resident, in-world for any assistance.    Or

You can  always chat in the

* Stray Cats Breedables * Group

and speak directly with one of our knowledgeable CSRs to assist you promptly.  

The whole community is very helpful

 and willing to share information :)


•   The current Multi-Cat HUD is

     version 1.41.  Any of your live

     cats will give it to you.

•   The ‘Help’ Tab on the Menu of

      the cats still gives our old

      website, not this one.  This

      will be corrected in the next       cat update.


      These Kits are only needed if the text

      on your cat has turned ‘black’.  

        Health kits are applied on the server.

        You do not actually receive any

        item in your inventory.

       Use your HUD then Webtools, and

        apply by clicking on the red button

        next to the sick cat.  In-world please

        take the cat into inventory and re-rezz

        out for the changes to occur.

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